Create Wealth with Ease!

- Jesse Johnson | Mindset and Success Coach -

Relax, connect to your true desires, and open up the channels to receiving money with this amazing FREE resource.

This powerful guided meditation is for you if:

  • You desire wealth but aren't sure how to bring it in
  • You struggle with always making "just enough"
  • You have a belief that creating money in your life must be HARD
  • You're giving like crazy, but it's not reflected in your bank account

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This transformation practice will guide you through a Three-Step Process designed specifically to create an inner shift that will allow the money that you long for to finally be yours.

“My revenue went up by about 90% since working with Jesse. I have more confidence in what I do, more love for my clients, and more love for my life. I’ve paid other coaches before, and have received a lot of nuts and bolts - but none have been so elevated, and so expansive for me as Jesse. In the world of coaching, you can get coached by a mechanic to fix & compete, or you can get coached by a magician to create and attract, leveraging your innate Being, while you work out the mechanics easily. Jesse is magic.”

Dr. Steven Giron, Ph.D. Certified Master Facilitator Higher Brain Living®